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About EasyPool

EasyPool is a service for creating and automating pools using smart contracts. A pool is a collection of investor funds pooled together with the sole intention of investing in ICO.

EasyPool makes it possible to automate the process of funds raising for group participation in ICO with an easy distribution of the ICO tokens, as soon as they are received, in exactly the same proportion as the investment was made in Ethereum using the smart contract. Thus the administrator does not need to manually administer the pool, and pool members do not have to re-check the correctness of the pool calculations. That all without additional security risks for the funds, since EasyPool as a service does not have an access to the funds in any period of the time.

The service helps automate all the processes of fundraising and distribution of tokens. The organizer does not need to give personal instructions for raising funds, distribute tokens, etc.

There are a lot of advantages of working with smart contracts and some of them are the absence of intermediaries and the impossibility of changing the logic of the contract once it has been created. That is, the EasyPool creators have no access to any funds of any pool.

The pool administrator has the ability to withdraw all the funds deposited to the pool. Therefore, you have to trust to the pool administrator(s).

EasyPool has no fees at the moment. But pool creators are allowed to charge additional membership fees.

We are sure that the right to anonymity is a basic human right. Therefore, regardless of the circumstances, if the KYC procedure appears on the site, it will be optional and will not affect the basic functions of the service.

All the transactions generated by EasyPool can be redirected to Metamask, MyCrypto and MyEtherWallet, or sent manually from any wallet to Ethereum mainnet.

We are sure that openness carries many more advantages than disadvantages not only in building software, but also in society. Therefore, we declare that the code of our service will always be open so that participants can be sure of how the contract works. We are also open to any kind of discussions about the service.

Yes, we performed a security audit of our smart contract at CoinFabrik. The result of this audit is available on their website.

Most pool services have set their sights on limiting the freedoms and rights of participants introducing mandatory KYC or closing source code, forcing participant to trust organizer, so the benefits of using a smart contract on an open network are vanishing.

EasyPool works only on mainnet Ethereum at the moment. In the future, if there will be enough interest in the service, expansion to other networks is possible.

Yes, sure. This is why the code of our smart contracts is open. In addition, we will be happy to answer any questions about it and are ready to discuss any topics related to our service.

For Contributors

EasyPool is a tool for creating pools only and there is no such a list. Responsibility for delivering information about pool conditions is organizers responsibility only. EasyPool doesn't provide any information and doesn't give any recomendations about pools you should contribute in.

For Administrators

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Ethereum and ICO

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. An Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether or other cryptocurrency.

Due to the ethereum network architecture, the speed of processing a transaction depends on the cost of gas. Current cost of gas for various processing conditions can be found at ethgasstation.info

The cost of a transaction is calculated using the formula: (gas required for a transaction) * (cost of gas). It is worth remembering about the transaction fees in Ethereum network, thus it is impossible to send the entire ethereum balance of the wallet, since it is necessary to pay transaction fees.